Solar Energy Scams: What To Look Out For In 2022?

Solar Energy Scams: What To Look Out For In 2022?

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As solar power becomes increasingly popular, solar energy scam artists are taking advantage of people looking to switch to cheaper and greener forms of energy. So before signing up with any solar company, do your research and look out for any of the following red flags.

1. High-Pressure Sales Tactics

If a contractor is using high-pressure sales tactics, it could be a sign of a solar energy scam. You should be allowed to do your research and take your time!

High-pressure sales tactics include:

  • Asking for a deposit upfront
  • Forcing you to sign a contract on the spot
  • Refusal to provide a written estimate
  • Pressuring you to decide before you’re ready

2. Hidden Fees

Some solar companies will try to sneak in hidden fees, such as an early termination fee, which can cost you a lot of money if you cancel your contract. Before signing the contract, read the fine print thoroughly!

If you don’t know what an early termination fee is, it’s a fee that is charged to customers who cancel their contract before the end of the agreed-upon term. This fee is generally used to recover the cost of equipment and installation, so be sure to ask about it upfront.

3. Inflated Estimated Savings

Some solar companies will inflate the estimated savings you’ll experience by switching to solar power. They do this by using unrealistic assumptions, such as assuming that you’ll never use any of your home’s power during daytime hours when the sun is shining. This means they can claim you’ll save more money than you actually will.

To avoid being scammed this way, do your research and calculate your estimated savings using realistic assumptions.

4. Failure to Disclose All Costs

Some solar companies will try to trick you by failing to disclose all the costs associated with going solar.

For example, they may not mention the cost of batteries if you live in an area with low sunlight. Or they may quote a low price for the solar panels without including the installation cost.

To avoid this solar energy scam, make sure to get a complete breakdown of all costs from any company you’re considering doing business with.

5. Illegitimate Rebates or Incentives

Some solar companies will offer rebates or other incentives to get you to sign a contract with them. However, these rebates may not be legitimate, or they may not be available in your area.

Do your research to ensure any rebates or incentives are legitimate before signing a contract.

6. Claiming No Upfront Costs

While some financing options allow you to go solar with little to no money, you should be aware that these offers may come with hidden costs or other catches.

Solar energy is a topic that’s been gaining much attention in recent years – and for a good reason. With the cost of traditional forms of energy on the rise, more and more people are finding alternative ways to minimize their energy bills.

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