9 Common Issues With Outdoor Patios

9 Common Issues With Outdoor Patios

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Key Takeaways:

  • Investing in outdoor patio installation and maintenance is a big decision.
  • A contractor will save time and money by avoiding costly mistakes and buying unnecessary materials.
  • Considering the cost of materials, labor, and any potential long-term benefits or savings is essential.
  • A contractor can help you choose suitable materials for climate exposure and wear and tear from foot traffic.
  • They also have access to better prices than what you’d encounter as a DIYer or retail customer.

Outdoor patios are great spaces for entertaining guests, dining al fresco, or enjoying the fresh air. When it comes to patio design and decorating, there are so many possibilities. You can choose from a wide range of materials and colors, as well as furniture and accessories, that will enhance the space and make it your own.

From drainage problems to ensuring the longevity of certain materials, let’s discuss some common issues with outdoor patios that should be considered before embarking on your design journey.

Common Issues with Outdoor Patios

1. Critical Components for The Patio Build

Installing outdoor patios requires the construction of base layers and infrastructure, such as a solid foundation and supporting beams. If these are not correctly constructed, outdoor patio issues can arise, leading to cracks, subsidence, or premature failure.

2. Outdoor Patio Safety

Depending on the layout and materials used, outdoor patio areas can be slippery and dangerous when wet. To avoid this hazard, it is essential to use slip-resistant materials that can withstand the elements. Popular choices for outdoor patios include stone tiles, concrete pavers, rubber mats, and composite decking.

3. Patio Slope

If the patio is not constructed on level ground, water can pool in one area, leading to erosion and other problems. A patio contractor should be able to design the correct slope and determine the best materials for your outdoor patio.

4. Weather Effects on The Patio

Rain, snow, and strong winds can all cause damage to outdoor patios. It’s essential to choose a contractor who has experience with outdoor patio maintenance and is familiar with the type of weather in your area. They should be able to suggest materials that are most suitable for your outdoor patio installation.

5. Discoloration of The Patio Pavers

Several things, including improper installation or inadequate cleaning and maintenance, can cause the discoloration of patio pavers. To avoid this issue, consult with your outdoor patio installation contractor to ensure they’re using quality materials and proper techniques for installing your outdoor patio. Also, regular maintenance is vital to keeping your outdoor patio looking great.

6. Site Challenges During Patio Building

Building outdoor patios can be challenging due to the various terrain and site challenges that must be considered. From rough terrain, rocky soil, or even a slope in the ground, many things can affect how your outdoor patio is laid out and constructed.

It’s essential to consult with a contractor who has experience dealing with different site challenges and can help create a plan for building your outdoor patio successfully.

7. Patio Maintenance Costs

From regular cleaning to resealing and other repairs, outdoor maintenance can add up over time. In addition to these basic maintenance costs, there may also be structural repairs that must be completed due to weathering or wear and tear. These repairs can quickly become expensive if they’re not tended to promptly. Thus, it’s essential to budget for outdoor patio maintenance accordingly.

8. Patio Edge Restraints

Edge restraints are constructed from metal, plastic, or stone and are used to border outdoor patios and keep them secure. Without adequate edge restraints, outdoor patios can misshapen or collapse due to external forces like water and wind.

To avoid such issues, it’s essential to check the condition of these elements regularly and complete any necessary repairs promptly. Additionally, an experienced outdoor patio installation contractor can ensure that your outdoor patio has properly fitted edge restraints that won’t require frequent maintenance.

Costs Of Installing a Patio

The cost of outdoor patio installation can vary depending on the size, type of material used, and project complexity. Generally speaking, outdoor patios require a significant investment between $1,000 and $5,000. This cost includes labor (depending on your chosen contractor) and materials like pavers or stones needed for the patio’s surface.

In addition to those costs, you may need to invest in edge restraints such as bricks or wood panels that help define the edges of your outdoor patio space. Installing these elements ensures stability and avoids costly maintenance down the line. Working with an outdoor patio installation contractor can help you select materials that suit your budget.

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Reasons to Choose a Professional Contractor


Experience is essential when it comes to outdoor patio installations. A contractor brings knowledge and expertise to help you make the most of your outdoor living space. A professional team has the right tools to properly install pavers, stones, edge restraints, drainage systems, and more to ensure a beautiful outdoor living space.

Additionally, they will know how best to prepare your outdoor area for proper drainage, eliminating any potential problems. They can also advise on the appropriate materials based on climate exposure and wear and tear from foot traffic.

Long-Term Cost Savings

Professionals will save you time and money by avoiding expensive mistakes and buying unnecessary materials. They also have access to better prices through their industry contacts than what you’d encounter as a DIYer or retail customer.

Finally, regular maintenance can help keep your outdoor patio looking new for many years. An experienced contractor knows best practices for cleaning, staining, and sealing outdoor patios. They can also advise on any necessary repairs that may be needed over time due to weather exposure or wear and tear. This ongoing maintenance will help extend your patio’s life and add more value to your home should you decide to sell it.

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