8 Signs It's Time To Upgrade Exterior Sidings

8 Signs It’s Time To Upgrade Exterior Sidings

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Key Takeaways:

  • Over time, siding can weather and no longer protect your home from the elements, leading to decreased value.
  • If you see cracks, rot, blisters or bubbles, mold growth, peeling paint inside your house, fading color, or increased energy bills, it may be time for new exterior sidings.
  • Replacing old siding with new vinyl siding can help improve your home’s energy efficiency due to its better insulation properties and is more durable than older options.
  • Additionally, modern siding materials protect your home from weather damage and reduce maintenance costs.

Your home’s siding is like its clothing; it offers protection from the elements and defines your home’s overall appearance. Over time, you may find that your siding has weathered and is no longer doing what it should—protecting your home from the elements. Upgrading your exterior sidings can add value to your home and give it an updated look. But how do you know if it’s time for an upgrade? Read on to learn when it might be time for a siding upgrade!

Benefits Of Siding Replacement:

When you replace your exterior sidings, it can dramatically improve the appearance of your home. Exterior siding comes in various colors and styles, so choose something that suits your taste and the rest of your home’s exterior design.

On top of improving aesthetic appeal, upgrading to modern siding materials also comes with a range of benefits. For example, replacing your existing siding with vinyl can help enhance your home’s energy efficiency due to its better insulation properties. This could lower your energy bills in the long run. Additionally, modern siding materials are more durable than older siding options, helping protect your home from weather damage and reducing maintenance costs.

Signs That You Need Siding Replacement

Sign 01: Cracked and Rotting Siding

This might be the most obvious sign that your siding cannot be restored. If your house has wood siding, examine for disintegrating panels and any dark spots. This could indicate that moisture has infiltrated the wood fibers, and the laminate around the wood siding is no longer performing its function. This causes the wood to deteriorate. If the rot is not addressed, it will worsen.

Pay attention to cracks or warped sections if your home’s exterior has vinyl siding. Water can seep in through these weak points and cause rot damage to the structure of your home. If you see evidence of rot, hire a professional siding contractor right away to replace the rotted parts and prevent further water damage.

Sign 02: Blisters or Bubbles on Your Siding

Call a professional if you notice blisters or bubbling growing beneath the surface of your siding. This is a red flag; bubbles and blisters suggest water trapped within the siding, indicating a moisture issue. Because siding is designed to keep moisture out of your home, it signals that it is no longer doing its job.


Sign 03: Mold, Fungus, Or Mildew on Your Siding

Take note of any new growth on your sidings, such as fungus, mold, or moss. While some fungi and mildew are harmless, they should be removed whenever they are discovered. These compounds develop in moisture; therefore, their existence might suggest that water permeates your siding, which is worth investigating further.

Sign 04: Peeling Paint Inside your House

Another indication that it is time for new exterior sidings is when you notice peeling paint inside your house. Moisture entering your home via the exterior and walls can cause serious harm. Problems with wallpaper and paint might indicate that your siding is letting unwanted moisture into your home.

Sign 05:  Fading Color

Also, if you notice that your siding is losing color, it might be time for an upgrade too! The sun’s UV rays can impact how siding looks over time, causing it to fade and discolor depending on the material it is made from (vinyl vs. wood). Replacing it with new will help keep your home looking vibrant and refreshed, and make sure it lasts as long as possible without needing repairs or replacements too soon! 

Sign 06: Siding in Need of Frequent Painting

Most homes require a fresh coat of paint every 8 -10 years. If you need to repaint your home more often than that (say, every 3-6 years), the issue may be with something other than the paint but with the siding beneath. Peeling or chipping paint is an absolute indication that it’s time for siding replacement, and you should pick siding with long-lasting color and no upkeep, such as high-quality vinyl siding.

Sign 07: Increased Energy Bills

If you’ve noticed an increase in your energy bills without any other lifestyle changes, this could be a sign that your siding is not up to par anymore. Old and worn-out sidings can let air escape from the house, so your air conditioner must work harder than necessary to keep cool during hot days. By upgrading your home’s exterior sidings, you can ensure no air escapes and save money on energy costs!

Sign 08: Damage from Birds and Animals

Birds, squirrels, and field mice usually look for places to stay that are warm during the winter. Therefore, your house is an ideal place for them to go since it emits heat in cold weather conditions. If you have wood siding or old vinyl, replacing it with modern vinyl can safeguard against any damage these critters may cause.

Ending Note:

 Upgrading exterior sidings can transform the overall look of your home! Whether you need new panels due to weathering or fading colors, replacing these components can help protect against further damage while restoring their original beauty at the same time. The signs mentioned above should give homeowners an indication when it’s time for an upgrade – but always remember that prevention is better than cure!

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