7 Maintenance Tips For Your Solar Panels To Last Longer

7 Maintenance Tips For Your Solar Panels To Last Longer

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You can use solar power in your backyard to power your home entirely or supplement your electricity use. Whether you’re a new homeowner considering solar panels for the first time or an experienced pro, here are some tips to keep your solar panels running at their best.

Core Home Innovations will go through everything you need to know about solar panel maintenance.

Cleaning Your Solar Panels

If your solar panels are at a 15-degree angle, the rain will wash away any dirt or debris accumulating. However, it is critical to clean them during the dry season or long periods without rain.

It would be best if you cleaned your solar panels twice a year. While this may be a lot of effort, it isn’t difficult. Cleaning your panels with just a leaf blower or a simple spray from the garden hose will keep them clean and in good condition.

Monitor Your Solar Panel’s Performance

You should monitor your solar panel’s manufacturer warranty and performance regularly. Most manufacturers provide a 25-year warranty on solar panels. However, keeping an eye on your panels’ performance is essential. If you notice any decrease in power output, it’s time to have your solar panel system checked by a professional.

Beware of Storms

If a severe storm is coming, it’s best to cover your panels or disconnect them from the grid. This will prevent damage to your panels and ensure they continue operating at peak efficiency.

Monitor the Position Of The Solar Panel

Your solar panel should be at the right angle to ensure that it is getting maximum sunlight exposure. The ideal angle changes depending on the time of year and your location.

You can use a weatherproof label or tape to help you keep track of the optimal angle for your solar panel.

Check the Electrical Connections:

The electrical connections between your solar panels and the rest of your system should be checked regularly. Make sure that all connections are tight and free of corrosion.

It is also a good idea to have a qualified electrician check your system’s wiring once a year to ensure everything is in working order.

Inspect Your System Regularly

You should inspect your entire solar panel system at least once a year. This includes checking the panels for any physical damage and ensuring that all the connections are still secure.

If you notice any problems with your system, it is important to have them fixed as soon as possible to avoid further damage.

Have Your System Checked By a Professional

It’s always a good idea to have your system checked by a qualified professional at least once a year. They can help identify potential problems and offer advice on keeping your system in good working order.

Making the switch to solar power may seem daunting, but Core Home Innovations serving Kingwood is here to help!

Our experts will work with you to ensure a smooth and stress-free solar installation process.

Once your solar panel installation is complete, we also provide solar maintenance services. You’ll enjoy reliable and affordable energy from the sun for years. You’ll also be doing your part to reduce your environmental impact – it’s a win-win situation.

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