6 Siding Materials For A Home Exterior Upgrade

6 Siding Materials For A Home Exterior Upgrade

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Key Takeaways:

  • Sidings form a quintessential part of North American home exteriors.
  • They are available in many styles, colors, profiles, materials & shapes to suit everyone’s budget.
  • Natural siding materials tend to be pricier than synthetics & composites.
  • The degree of maintenance decides the life cycle of siding materials.
  • Core Home Innovations offer excellent home improvement & solar solutions in Conroe, TX.

Who doesn’t like a well-kept lawn, a sturdy roof, and home exteriors in excellent condition? Everyone does! But what kind of upgrade does it take to get your home to that next level of awesome that hits the resale ROI just right? Yes, it’s picking the right siding material and knowing the right time to opt for a home exterior upgrade!

Today, Core Home Innovations has a few details & quick siding profiles to share. That is to get you up to date on what matters when you want to switch from a tattered stucco to a much-needed stone or wood siding upgrade!

Siding Materials Suited to Texas

1. Wood

It is not only the most traditional choice of siding material in North America but also the most natural. Wood siding adds a rustic charm to any home and can be reshaped to add opulence. Spruce, pine, redwood & cedar are popular home siding timbers that can be used in their lumber form with treatment.

The siding profiles based on wood can range from as little as a dollar to $10 per unit. Older woods get more expensive & offer more protection from insects & rot, and can last for decades.

2. Stone

If you really want to up that home appeal, then cladding your exteriors in natural stone would be the distinct thing to do. Stone is more durable compared to wood & vinyl. It is built to last for decades, even centuries, provided the house’s frame stands that long. The only drawback to this natural siding material is the expense.

A mere 500 sq ft can rack up $4000-$5000 of material alone. And unless you are a professional, DIY installation is off the table. But if you really need a rewarding ROI boost on a handsome estate sale, stone siding is the ideal choice for aesthetics & value.

3. Brick

According to the National Association of Home Builders, 62% of folks in Texas like their sidings in brick, with fiber cement next at 20%. It suits the climate and is pretty feasible for an upgrade. The material can range from $6-$12, while the brick veneer is cheaper at $4-$6. Installation calls for specialized methods (which is expensive) but it is superb as a low maintenance & sturdy siding material.

4. Metal

It is the most rigid material for roofing & siding home exteriors, especially in Texas’s inclement weather spells. Depending on the kind of metal needed, the costs can go up to $8, which makes it ideal for a budget upgrade with mass appeal & protection. The material is long-lasting, highly durable, and rust-proof.

The best part is, if you need an indestructible home exterior upgrade, then metal siding is the way to go as it helps dissipate & reflect heat!

5. Vinyl

Whether on its own or with an insulation layer, this synthetic material is too good for budget siding upgrades that end in a lovely house exterior. An exciting fact is that vinyl can mimic wood profiles to offer a cheaper substitute.

It is incredibly affordable & available in a myriad of textures, colors, styles & shapes. The only downside is a short life, high maintenance intervals, & susceptibility to weathering.

The material, being plastic in nature, tends to warp & disintegrate in too much sun after a few decades despite regular maintenance.

6. Fiber Cement

It is made from a composite of wood fibers, cement & sand aggregate, and you will always see it as a mimic material for metal or wood textures. It is relatively inexpensive from material to labor for budget siding material.

It is also resistant to water intrusion, offers a tight seal from the elements & insect infestation, and is fire-proof. It may not be as hard as stone, metal, or brick, but with proper maintenance, you can still have beautiful exteriors!

Siding Profiles Trending

1. Wood

  • Board & Batten

Also called barn siding, it is an All-American classic where panels of wood or board are joined together with a vertical strip of wood called a batten.

  • Sheet Siding

That involves sheets of plywood for exterior walls. It is a baseline siding material for inexpensive projects.

  • Wooden Logs

Need a rustic ambiance outside your residence? Why not use whole logs?

It is an expensive siding material, but it also comes with a stacked & interlocked exterior configuration worth vying.

  • Vertical or Horizontal Boards

Another form of shiplap siding. Wooden panels bring sophistication and add depth to home exteriors unmatched by any other synthetic material.

  • Clapboard & Drop 

These are siding boards installed in an overlapping configuration with a top groove to fit each panel together. There are many other designs in such overlap sidings, usually in vinyl.

  • Shakes & Shingles

While these are not asphalt shingles, they still offer the same degree of style & protection from the elements. 

  • Composite

They are a mixture of resins, plastics & organic wood fibers that are treated to form sturdy boards that can be used as shiplap, clapboard, and sheets for siding. The material offers versatility.

2. Vinyl

  • Shingles

They are designed as shines with tapered edges and offer a reliable, inexpensive & durable substitute for wood siding. 

  • Horizontal & Vertical

It’s a substitute for the original wood shiplap, overlay, or clapboard siding. The design offers variety at a fraction of the price of natural wood.

3. Metal

  • Corrugated Steel

It’s not only meant for sheds but also for house siding with a bit of style. Brutalist or industrial-style homes often feature steel sheets for domineering exteriors.

  • Aluminum

The material is widely used as a vinyl, stone, brick & wood substitute because it can be textured & painted to mimic its original counterparts. It is relatively cheap for the visual aesthetics it offers in return!

  • Galvanized Zinc

Another material in specialist siding options, zinc is virtually indestructible and well-suited to Texas weather, especially during hail & gales. 

  • Copper

While nearly all metals & alloys tend to be utilized in the traditional wood siding configuration, and they fare pretty well, copper is the odd one out. It looks pretty until the oxidation sets in, so it’s high maintenance to retain that gorgeous luster.

Hire the Best Home Improvement Pros in Conroe, TX!

You might be scratching your head over the variety & profiles in siding materials. Still, all we need from you is your requirements, budget, and a design you have in mind that we can work with. 

Based in Conroe, TX, Core Home Innovations is quite the local expert in roofing, home exteriors, and solar & auxiliary power installation. We deliver on project specifics as per the timeline. And we work to bring the best out in your home’s exteriors.

Get in touch with us for a free quote on the services provided, and you can contact us for more details on renewing your home for seasons to come!


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